Registration Deadline: September 14 (much sooner preferred)

Download the Registration form here, or click here to fill and submit it electronically.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open forms that aren't submitted electronically. This is a free download for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please make all checks payable to: John Russell

Mail checks to:
John Russell
360 Hickory Hill Drive
Choctaw, OK 73020
Phone: 405-390-2104

Print and mail forms to:
Janice Lyles
15424 Bovee Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73165
Or click here to fill and submit it electronically.

Who's Coming

A - M
Allen, Bill & Deb
Avery, Tayna
Beeler, Jim
Bill, Allen
Braden, Mechille
Campbell, Alan
Carman, Jim
Case, Mark
Case, Marty
Clapper, Tom
Clark, Lee
Clayton, Gene
Closner, John
Coakley, Roger
Cox, Steve
Domer, Lloyd
Dooley, Cam
Erickson, John
Everett, Eloise
Feeney, Jerry
Feighny, Jim
Fischer, Stephanie
Frient, Jeff
Garrison, Rod
Gibson, Gil
Ginzi, Harry
Gonzales, Tony
Goodale, Larry
Hackworth, Jim
Hahn, Mike
Hamond, Wiley
Hansen, Ralph
Hector, Bud
Huggins, Ron
Irwin, Plug
Joecks, Mark
Jones, Carl
Jones, Lane
Jones, Tom
King, Billy
King, Tom
Kinnamon, Cindy
Kisslinger, Ron
Klabzuba, Bob
Lewis, Jim
Lowman, Kathy
Lyles, Janice
Lytle, Lee
Mauer, John
McEntee, Jed
McKisson, Judy
Miller, Larry
Miller, Neil
Miller, Ron
N - Z
Nation, Tom
Ortman, Dave
Osborne, Rodney
Patterson, Randy
Reed, Larry
Russell, John
Schwall, Angela
Settle, Ken
Schwall, Angela
Shaw, Don
Shelton, John
Snyder, John
Stallard, Randy
Steffens, Gene
Sublett, Charles
Tanner, David
Taylor, Claude
Teague, Sam
Trail, Nick
Van Dorp, Jeff
Vessels, Barbara
Wallace, George
Weeks, Wallace
Whipple, Barry
Wright, Steve
Wrucha, Jerry

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